SCOUTS - Be Prepared

Stage One

To atain the Swimming Stage One badge, the Beaver Scout must complete the following:

1. SAFETY- Know the safety rules and where it is safe to swim locally.

2. ENTER POOL - Without using the steps, demonstrate a controlled entry into at least 1.5m of water.

3. SHORT SWIM - Swim 10 m on their front.

4. TREAD WATER - Tread water for 30 seconds in a vertical position.

5. WATER SKILLS - Using a buoyancy aid, float still in the water for 30 seconds, demonstrate their ability to retrieve an object from chest deep water. Perform a push and glide on both their front and back.

6. DISTANCE SWIM - Swim 50m without stopping.

7. SWIMMING ACTIVITY - Take part in a swimming activity with their section.