SCOUTS - Be Prepared

Stage Five

To atain the Swimming Stage Five badge, the Beaver Scout must complete the following:

1. SAFETY - Know the safety rules and where it is safe to swim locally. Explain the rules covering swimming for Scouts.

2. ENTER POOL - Demonstrate a racing dive into at least 1.5m of water and a straddle jump into at least 2m of water.

3. SHORT SWIM - Swim 100m in shirt and shorts.On completion, remove the additional clothes, and climb out of the pool unaided. Time limit three minutes.

4. TREAD WATER - Tread water for five minutes, for three of which one arm must be held clear of the water.

5. WATER SKILLS - Scull on their back, headfirst for 10m then beat fast for 10 m.Move into a tuck position and, keeping their head out of the water, turn 360 degrees.Swim the form 10m, perform a somersault without touching the side of the pool and continue to swim in the same direction for a further 10m. Demonstrate the Heat Escape Lessening Position. Demonstrate a surface dive, both head and feet first into 2m of water.

6. DISTANCE SWIM - Swim 1000m using any three recognised strokes for a minimum distance of 200m per stroke. This swim must be completed in 35 minutes. 7. SWIMMING ACTIVITY - Take part in an organised swimming activity with their Section, since gaining their previous Swimming badge