SCOUTS - Be Prepared

Stage One

To atain the Musician Stage One badge, the Beaver Scout must complete the following

1. SKILL - Listen to a short tune of a couple of lines, and then sing it back. Listened to another tune and then beat or clap out the rhythm.

2. PERFORMANCE - Sing or play two different types of song or tune on their chosen instrument. This performance must be either in front of other Scouts, or at a public performance, such as at a Group show, school concert or church service.

3. KNOWLEDGE - Demonstrate some of the musical exercises that they use to practise their skills. Talk about their instrument, and why they enjoy playing it (or the songs they sing and why they enjoy singing them) Name several well-known pieces of music that can be played on their instrument. Name several musicians who they have heard.

4. INTEREST - Tell their assessor about the music that they most like to listen t