SCOUTS - Be Prepared

Chief Scouts Gold Award

To gain this Award, the Scout must complete the Outdoor Challenge, and at least four of the remaining Challenges, as well as a personal challenge.


You must discuss and agree with the Scout the level of personal commitment needed. Bear in mind that the activity needs to be challenging to each individual. It is expected that Scouts would normally start the personal challenge six months before they are due to transfer to Explorer Scouts. The Scout must complete the following three areas:

1. ADVENTURE Take part in a completely new activity or achieve a higher standard in an existing activity.

2. LEADERSHIP Attend at least two Troop Leadership Forum meetings and successfully achieve an action point from one of these meetings.

3. COMMITMENT Community activities: for example, a weekend conservation project, an activity for younger people. Scouting activities: for example, website design and maintenance, helping with younger Section Hobbies and interests: for example, extra responsibilities in a choir or sports club.