SCOUTS - Be Prepared

Creative Challenge


To atain the Creative Challenge, the Scout must complete the following:


- Take part in an entertainment in front of an audience.

For example: a short play, a series of sketches, magic tricks, singing, playing a musical instrument, a Scout Show, a dance, or a puppet show.


- Have a go at some creative crafts.

For example: glass painting, macramé, art-straws, leatherwork, photography, sweetmaking, decorative knotting, or candlemaking.


- Promote local Scouting.

For example: a newsletter, poster, video, website, audio broadcast, or display.

Problem Solving

- Take an active part in activities requiring a number of problem-solving skills, effective teamwork and creative thinking.

For example: incident hikes or timed challenges, mental, physical or skill.


- Make something using a construction kit.

For example: model aircraft, 3-dimensional jigsaw, model pioneering project etc.


- Take a leading role in preparing and participating in an act of worship or Scouts' Own.

For example: selecting readings, writing prayers and exploring beliefs. This may involve all the Scouts from the Troop at a residential experience or event.