SCOUTS - Be Prepared

Community Challenge

To atain the Community Challenge, the Scout must complete the following:

Exploring the Local Community

- Explore one aspect of how the local community works and is organised to the benefit of its members. The project should include some initial fact-finding, a visit to or from a community facility or group, and some form of report back.

For example: visits to see the workings of a theatre, tourist attraction, railway station, airport, local industry; meeting people involved in local government, charities, faith groups; learning about and taking part in community traditions or customs, local clubs and interest groups.

Community Service

- Take an active part in some form of local community service totalling at least six hours. The time may be spent doing a number of different projects or by showing commitment to a single project over a longer period of time.

For example: running a fund-raising stall or game, delivering leaflets, clearing an area, gardening, collecting materials for recycling, helping with activities for younger children, moving furniture, clearing debris, painting fences, or environmental projects.