SCOUTS - Be Prepared

Adventure Challenge

To atain the Adventure Challenge, the Scout must complete 3 activities each on a separate occasion.

For each activity the Scout must:

- have knowledge of the safety issues involved and the use of any equipment needed for the activity

- show an awareness of the environmental issues around the activity (such as erosion at popular climbing areas)

- know about further opportunities to take part in the activities chosen.

General Activities

- Climbing

- Hill walking

- Hiking

- Spending a day exploring a town they don't know, at home or abroad

- Orienteering - Planning and going on a journey by public transport of at least 40 kilometres

- Caving or potholing

- Pony trekking or horse riding

- Cycling

Water Activities

- Sailing - Canoeing

- Water-skiing

- Surfing

- Dragon boating

- Bellboating

- Sub-aqua

- Canal boating

- Rafting

- Pulling

Air Activitie

- Sailing

- Gliding

- Paragliding

- Powered aircraft

- Hot-air ballooning

- Hovercrafting

- Kiting