SCOUTS - Be Prepared


Choose any three from the following, and discuss the reasons for their choice with the assessor.

  1. Compose a poem of at least eight lines, and discuss its meaning and construction with the assessor.
  2. Write a short story of around 600 words from an idea agreed with the assessor.
  3. Write a descriptive passage of around 600 words on a subject agreed with the assessor.
  4. Write a 400 word review of a favourite book, play or other work of literature and discuss this with the assessor.
  5. Produce a published article of around 500 words in length. This could be in the form of a contribution to a school, faith community or Scout magazine, or a letter to a local paper.
  6. Keep a diary on a subject and for a length of time agreed with the assessor.
  7. Write a play or dramatic sketch lasting at least ten minutes.
  8. Interview a local celebrity, or other interesting person. Write or type out the interview to show the questions they asked and the interviewee's replies.
  9. Write a letter to a pen pal of at least 150 words. The pen pal can be real or imaginary.
  10. Read a piece of their work in front of an audience.