SCOUTS - Be Prepared

World Faiths

Complete three options from the list below.

  1. Visit a place of worship for a religion other than their own, and find out the differences between this building and their own place of worship.
  2. Attend a religious festival from a faith different to their own. Present what they found out to a suitable audience.
  3. Find out about a founder of a faith or a prominent leader of a faith, for example, Prince Siddartha Gautama, Mohammed or Jesus Christ.
  4. Look at the sacred text of another faith and see if they can find a teaching that is comparable to their own faith.
  5. Find out about the impact that believing in a faith different from their own has upon the daily lives of those who follow it, for example, food and dietary laws, rituals and prayers.
  6. Find out about someone whose faith has impacted significantly upon their life.