SCOUTS - Be Prepared

Survival Skills

The Scout must complete both these activities.

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of the following:
    • How to prevent and treat the effects of extreme heat (sunstroke and dehydration) and cold (hypothermia).
    • The First Aid treatment for external bleeding and shock, the correct method of applying mouth-to-mouth breathing and the dangers involved in moving injured people.
    • How to construct different kinds of shelter.
    • How to build several different types of fire and the burning qualities of different woods.
    • The correct use of the International Distress Signal, using signals involving items such as whistle, torch and mirror.
    • Rescue techniques, for example, air and sea rescue.
    • Edible plants, or fruit, or both.
    • A suitable method of filtering and purifying water.
  2. With a group of at least three Scouts, take part in a survival exercise lasting about 24 hours, during which the group will:
    • Construct a shelter of natural or salvaged materials and sleep in it.
    • Cook all meals over an open fire.
    • Cook without utensils or aluminium foil. A knife may be used.
    • Demonstrate methods of finding direction by day or night without a compass.
Requirement 1 must be completed before requirement 2 is begun. Suitable country for this would be wooded lowlands. Wild mountainous country is not suitable. Alternative activities may be undertaken as agreed between themselves and the Section leadership team.