SCOUTS - Be Prepared

Sports Enthusiast

The badge is designed for those who follow a sport rather than participate. While many Scouts might choose football or basketball, the badge requirements can equally apply to sports as diverse as archery, motor racing and water polo.

The Scout must complete the following: 

  1. Know the rules and laws governing their chosen sport and be able to answer questions on them.
  2. Know about the varying levels of training or competition of the sport they follow, and be able to describe the differences at each level.
  3. Have a good background knowledge of the teams and/or sporting personalities of their chosen sport.
  4. Talk about the equipment required for the sport.
  5. Be able to list major events for the sport of their choice.
  6. Describe events that they have attended in pursuit of their interest. If this has not been possible, explain to the assessor how they keep up to date with their sport.
Scouts may gain more than one Sports Enthusiast Badge.