SCOUTS - Be Prepared

Public Relations

The Scout must complete these four activities.

  1. Using some visual aids, give a five-minute verbal presentation about Scouting to an external body not involved in Scouting, for example, the local Lions or Rotary Club or sponsoring authority.
  2. Get some media coverage for a Scouting event, expedition or activity. This can be done by preparing a press release, taking a photograph, producing a publication or writing a short article for the Group, District or County/Area newsletter, parish magazine or similar.
  3. Assist the Group, District, or County/Area with a promotional event.
  4. Complete two of the following:
    1. Produce at least four editions of a newsletter for Scouts in the Group.
    2. Create a simple display or exhibition to show Cub Scouts the fun of being a Scout or for use at an open evening for parents.
    3. Arrange a visit for a group of Scouts to the local newspaper or radio or television station, which may include hospital radio.
    4. Prepare and carry out a simple survey to find out the image of Scouting locally amongst their friends. Report the findings to the Section leadership team and others in the Troop.