SCOUTS - Be Prepared

Power Coxswain

The Scout must complete all the requirements from one of the following alternatives.

Alternative A - Powerboats

  1. Gain the RYA Level 1 Powerboat Award.
  2. Carry out a Scout activity as a Coxswain of a powered craft (planing or displacement), demonstrating safe procedures and courtesy to other water users.
Alternative B - Narrowboats
  1. Have a general knowledge of the canal system, in particular:
    • Suitable places to moor and wind
    • Locks, bridges and local hazards
    • The location of water points, sanitary stations
    • The location of shops and telephones.
  2. Know the safety precautions necessary in narrowboats for:
    • Fire-fighting appliances
    • 'Man overboard' drill
    • Locks
    • Tunnels.
  3. Have a knowledge of the basic principles of a marine engine, and by demonstration afloat show:
    • That they can start and stop the engine, operate the gears and understand the effect of transverse thrust with a single screw.
    • That they can recognise fouling of the screw due to weed or rubbish, and know how to clear it with special emphasis on immobilising the engine.
    • That they know how to use the stern gland screw.
  4. Take charge of the boat under qualified supervision and complete the following manoeuvres:
    1. Prepare the boat for service and, with the help of a crew, cast off and leave their moorings.
    2. Show their ability to control the boat by:
      • Steering past moored boats.
      • Steering past a boat travelling in the opposite direction.
      • Steering through a bridge hold.
      • Bringing the boat alongside a bank and mooring.
      • Turning the boat in a winding hole and manoeuvring in confined water, such as a marina.
      • Taking the boat through a lock with the help of a crew.
    3. Whilst moving forward, stop and reverse the boat to an object dropped in the water. Be aware of the dangers to a person in the water from a moving screw.