SCOUTS - Be Prepared


The Scout must complete these three activities.

  1. As a member of a group take part in the following:
    • An indoor pioneering project, for example, constructing a guided missile launcher or chariot.
    • An outdoor pioneering project, for example, building a monkey bridge, water raft, or parallel or aerial runway.
  2. Demonstrate the following:
    • A whipping
    • A splice
    • The correct way to coil and store a rope
    • The use of simple blocks and tackle
    • The use of levers to extract or move heavy weights
    • Anchorage for firm and soft ground
    • An understanding of the need for supervision and safety in pioneering projects.
  3. Demonstrate and know the names of at least ten knots and lashings. These could include:
    • Sheetbend
    • Clove hitch
    • Round turn and two half hitches
    • Bowline
    • Timber hitch
    • Sheepshank
    • Square and sheer lashings
    • Harvesters hitch
    • Double sheetbend
    • Fisherman's knot
    • Rolling hitch
    • Figure of eight lashing
    • Diagonal lashing
Reference should be made to Policy, Organisation and Rules.