SCOUTS - Be Prepared

Physical Recreation

This badge is designed for those who take part regularly in sport or physical pursuit activities for which there is no other Scout Activity Badge.

The Scout must complete the following:

  1. Take part regularly in two active sports or physical pursuit activities in which they do not already hold an Activity Badge. These can range from team games such as rugby, football, cricket or water polo, to individual sports such as tennis, squash, running and gymnastics, to pursuits such as walking, yoga, dancing and keep fit.
  2. Show a commitment to their sport or pursuit for an extended period. The assessor will be looking for a minimum involvement of an hour a week, or half day a month.
  3. Be able to demonstrate that they have reached a reasonable level of skill in their sport or pursuit, and show evidence that they have improved.
  4. Explain to the assessor any rules, laws or guidelines that govern their sports or pursuits.
  5. Demonstrate to the assessor any preparations they make before taking part in their sport or pursuit. These may include any special equipment or clothes required and warm-up and warm-down routines.
  6. Choose one of the following two activities:
    1. Act as an official, such as a referee, linesman or umpire in a game organised for the group.
    2. Demonstrate to a group of young people some of the skills or knowledge they have developed, and encourage them to try the sport or pursuit. All due care must be taken to ensure the young people are not put at risk as it must be recognised the candidate is not a trained instructor.
  7. Choose one of the following two activities:
    1. Know the names and performances of two international, national or local sports personalities. Be able to discuss what they have achieved within the sport or pursuit.
    2. Show they have further developed their interest in the sport or pursuit through studies on their own, using books, videos or magazines.