SCOUTS - Be Prepared

Nautical Skills

The Scout must complete all these activities.

  1. Hold the Basic Nautical Skills Badge, or be at least 11½ and complete requirements 1, 2, 3, 4a, 5 and 6 of the Basic Nautical Skills Badge.
  2. Have some knowledge of rescue by boat or canoe and be able to carry out a simple rescue exercise.
  3. Heave a lifeline from a boat, to land within reach of a target six metres away, within two attempts.
  4. Know the steering and sailing rules and apply these to the craft being used.
  5. Plan and take part in a one-day expedition or exercise afloat.
  6. Complete from the list of nautical skills training activities:
    1. One item from the Practical Skills section.
    2. One item from the Safety section.
    3. Two items from the rules of the road and communications section.
    4. A further five items from the remaining five sections.
  7. Keep a log of the water activities they complete