SCOUTS - Be Prepared

Hill Walker

The Scout must complete these eight requirements.

  1. With others, plan at least five one-day journeys of at least 14 kilometres in hilly countryside. Suitable terrain might be coastal paths, South Downs, Chiltern Hills and Malvern Hills. At least three of these to be in areas defined in Policy, Organisation and Rules as Terrain One, and be led by an appropriately authorised person.
  2. Using Ordnance Survey maps, and other local knowledge, complete all the information requested on the Scout Route Plan.
  3. Complete each of the one-day journeys that they have planned. Take turns in leading the group for part of the time. Make sure that they take with them appropriate clothes, food, safety and emergency equipment. Keep a log to include route cards, sketch maps or photographs and comments of the areas visited.
  4. Demonstrate the use of map and compass during the journeys.
  5. Show that they know about the equipment needed for hill walking including:
    • What to wear
    • What to carry in a day rucksack.
  6. Gain an awareness of the preservation of the natural environment, for example, erosion, wildlife habitat and so on.
  7. Demonstrate awareness of the latest developments in electronic technology, such as the Global Positioning System.
  8. Show knowledge of Safety on Mountains (published by the British Mountaineering Council).
Reference should be made to Policy, Organisation and Rules, rules relating to Land Activities and Adventurous Activity Authorisation.