SCOUTS - Be Prepared


The Scout must complete all the requirements in one of the following alternatives.

Alternative A - For rural and suburban areas

  1. Show that they know the area surrounding either their home or Scout Headquarters. The area size should be up to two kilometres radius in boroughs and urban districts, and up to three kilometres radius in rural districts.
  2. Know the location of the following:
    • Doctor's surgery, veterinary surgeons, dentists, hospitals and ambulance station.
    • Fire station, police station, garages, shopping centres, retail parks and convenience stores.
    • Bus stops, railway stations and bus and train routes to surrounding areas.
    • Local Scout Headquarters, public parks, sports and leisure complexes, theatres, cinemas, churches and other places of worship, museums, schools and colleges, local government buildings and any other building or place of local interest.
  3. Show that they understand how to use a street map of the district and use it to point out six examples in requirement 2. Guide the assessor by the quickest route to any of the places, from either their home or Headquarters.
Alternative B - For cities and large towns
  1. Have a sound general knowledge of which parts of the country are served by the mainline railways and how to reach the main railway terminals, the main motor coach stations, air terminals, and tourist attractions, for example, museums, zoos and castles from their Headquarters or home.
  2. Show that they understand how to use a map of their district and use it to point out six examples of places of interest. Show the assessor how to get to these places from either their home or Headquarters.
  3. Give directions to a person travelling by car or public transport, to a place of interest eight kilometres away, chosen by the assessor.
The Section leadership team, after discussion with the assessor may, at its discretion, vary the area described in requirement 1 to leave out undesirable neighbourhoods, parks or other open spaces, and include an equivalent area.