SCOUTS - Be Prepared


The Scout must complete all the requirements as a member of a group in one of the following alternatives.

Alternative A

  1. Write and plan an original entertainment with a group. This could take the form of a sketch, film or slide and tape presentation, camp fire or stage routine involving some of the following: mime, drama, music, storytelling, conjuring, photography, sound recording.
  2. Prepare the entertainment, ensuring that everyone has a job to do, for example, actor, producer, stage manager, publicity manager.
  3. Present the entertainment to an audience such as a school, Pack or Troop Parents'/Carers' Evening.

Alternative B

Take an active part in a Scout Show or other production. This should require a commitment to regular rehearsals. An adult with some expertise in stage entertainment may be consulted to help with the choice of projects and preparation of alternatives. Entertainer