SCOUTS - Be Prepared


The projects to be completed for this badge must be agreed with the Scout's assessor beforehand, and should take around six hours to complete. Make sure that the Scout knows how to use any tools and equipment safely.
  1. Make or decorate one or more items, using their own design ideas as much as possible. For example:
    • Make a container by basket-making, wood turning, pottery, embroidery on plastic canvas, glass-blowing, or fibreglass construction.
    • Make a belt, bag, wall-hanging, table mat or waistcoat by weaving, macramé, beadwork or from leather.
    • Make an item of clothing or soft furnishing by sewing or knitting. They may follow a pattern.
    • Decorate some clothing, soft furnishing, cushion or tablecloth using embroidery, tapestry, lace-making, tie and dye, batik or fabric paints.
    • Make a picture using techniques such as mosaic, staining glass, quilling, calligraphy, pyrography, pressed flowers, fabric collage or printing with potato, lino, string, drypoint, aquatint, silk screen.
    • Decorate an article by engraving or etching on wood, metal, glass or enamelware.
    • Make an ornament or decorative article by candlemaking, arranging flowers, carving wood, slate, stone or soap, fly tying, jewellery-making, pewterwork, copper- or silver-smithing, stone polishing, stonemasonry, sculpture or making a corn dolly.
    • Make a small item of furniture using carpentry, cane or rush seating.
    • One other project of a similar skill level.