SCOUTS - Be Prepared


The Scout must complete the following:
  1. Show knowledge of ropes used in rock climbing and explain the care and inspection for faults.
  2. Demonstrate ability to fit a climbing harness and tie in correctly.
  3. Demonstrate ability to select, test and make the following:
    • A spike belay using main ropes.
    • A thread belay using a suitable sling and karibiner.
    • A running belay using chocks, nuts or similar devices.
  4. Show understanding of the calls used in climbing.
  5. Demonstrate ability to abseil down a face (not less than ten metres).
  6. Take part in four separate climbs (the standard should be 'difficult'), each using a different route. An experienced climber must supervise the climb and will judge and report on their ability.
  7. Show understanding of Safety on Mountains (published by the British Mountaineering Council).
  8. Be able to discuss the various pressures on cliff environments including those caused by climbers. Discuss what measures can be taken by climbers to reduce conflict and promote conservation.
There is no requirement for the Scout to lead the rock climbs; only to be a competent second. Reference should be made to Policy, Organisation and Rules. Wherever possible, natural rock-face should be used.