SCOUTS - Be Prepared


The Scout must complete the following:
  1. Discuss with the assessor how and where to shop for food and how to transport it.
  2. Demonstrate proper storage and cooking. This should include knowledge of hygiene in the kitchen and how to prevent food poisoning.
  3. Create a menu for a three-course meal for between two and four people including all of the following parts:
    • Two cooked dishes
    • A cake or pastry dish
    • Two sauces, such as Mornay, Apple, Curry, Mustard, Parsley, Chocolate etc.
  4. Cook and serve the menu they have designed, demonstrating the necessary preparation and serving skills.
  5. Plan a balanced and varied menu for a group of Scouts lasting at least one weekend. Assume full kitchen facilities and common utensils are available. Discuss their choices with the assessor.