SCOUTS - Be Prepared

Campsite Service

The Scout must complete the following:
  1. Hold the Camper Badge.
  2. Have worked for at least five days at a permanent District, County, Area or National Scout campsite, helping the Wardens or Managers to their satisfaction.
  3. Explain, and where possible demonstrate, the daily maintenance required for campsite equipment.
  4. Explain, and where possible demonstrate, four of the following:
    1. The importance of having clean toilets, both from a health point of view and to maintain the image of the site.
    2. The procedure for unblocking a blocked drain.
    3. The procedure to prevent burst pipes during the winter and the steps to take when pipes do burst.
    4. The need for good drainage and keeping ditches clear.
    5. Refuse disposal and how this can be set up to separate out the recyclable materials.
    6. The need to respect wildlife alongside the needs and requirements of campers, for example, leaving a strip of long grass around field edges to encourage insect life, establishment of copses and the planting of new trees.
    7. The increased use of computers in campsite management.
  5. Become familiar with an activity run on site and explain the use and maintenance of equipment used for that activity.
  6. Demonstrate the ability to use three of the following:
    1. Hand axe
    2. Bush or bow saw
    3. Maul
    4. Two-man cross-cut saw
    5. Pruning tool
    6. Sickle
    7. Hand tools, such as a hammer and chisel, wood saw and hacksaw.
  7. Discuss with the assessor developments and improvements they would like to see on any permanent campsite with which they are familiar.