SCOUTS - Be Prepared


The Scout must complete the following:
  1. Camp under canvas as a Scout for a total of at least 15 nights.
  2. Lead a group of Scouts in the pitching, striking and packing of a four to six person tent.
  3. Know what to look for when choosing a campsite.
  4. Show an understanding of the reasons for camp hygiene and the importance of being safe and tidy in camp.
  5. Demonstrate how to store food in a suitable tent.
  6. Construct a camp larder, a camp oven and two other gadgets of their own choice.
  7. At a camp, cook for between two and six people one of the following two meals:
    1. A hot breakfast meal
    2. A dish for a main meal, which must include two vegetables.
  8. Have a good knowledge of Nights away, a complete guide to Scout camping, holidays, expeditions and Sleepovers.