SCOUTS - Be Prepared

Basic Nautical Skills

The Scout must complete these eight activities.

  1. Swim 50 metres and stay afloat for five minutes.
  2. Explain the safety rules that apply to boating, and the effects of winds, tide and current.
  3. Explain the difference between a buoyancy aid and a life-jacket. Adjust one to fit them and wear it to enter the water from a height of one metre.
  4. Complete the following:
    1. Row a dinghy single-handed and carry out basic manoeuvres.
    2. And one of the following four activities:
      1. Scull a dinghy over the stern and carry out basic manoeuvres.
      2. Sail a figure-of-eight course.
      3. Qualify for the BCU One Star Test.
      4. Qualify for the RYA National Dinghy Certificate Scheme Dinghy Level 1 - Start Sailing or Youth Sailing Scheme - Start Sailing Stage 1.
  5. Carry out an activity using a knot, a bend, a hitch, and a lashing and demonstrate rope sealing.
  6. Take part in a half-day expedition or exercise afloat.
  7. From the list of nautical skills training activities, complete four items, each one from a different section.
  8. Keep a log of the water activities they complete.