SCOUTS - Be Prepared

Basic Aviation Skills

The Scout must complete the following:

  1. Know the rules relating to access to airfields as laid down in Policy, Organisation and Rules. Draw a diagram/map or make a model of an airfield to show and name the different areas.
  2. Understand the terms: nose, fuselage, tail, mainplane, port and starboard. Know the names of the control surfaces of an aeroplane.
  3. Construct and fly a chuck glider for at least five seconds, or build and fly a hot-air balloon or kite.
  4. Choose one of the following two activities:
    1. Collect photographs or pictures of six aircraft of interest, give their names and describe their operational uses.
    2. Discuss an airline that they are interested in or have travelled on, showing pictures of aircraft livery and badges.
  5. Take part in a Patrol or Troop visit, with other Scouts, to a place of aviation interest.
  6. From the list of aviation skills training activities, complete four items, each item to be taken from a different section.