SCOUTS - Be Prepared

Aviation Skills

The Scout must complete the following:

  1. Choose one of the following two options:
    1. a Hold the Basic Aviation Skills Badge.
    2. Be at least 11½ and complete requirements 1 and 5 of the Basic Aviation Skills Badge.
  2. List the main types of aircraft and identify the parts of an aeroplane.
  3. Identify either from pictures or in flight 12 aircraft in common use today. This must include at least two civil commercial aircraft, two military aircraft and two light private aircraft.
  4. Explain how wind speed and direction are measured and how weather can affect various air activities. Demonstrate how to get a local forecast for an air activity.
  5. Recite the phonetic alphabet and explain why it is used.
  6. Explain the relationships between lift, drag, thrust and weight. Demonstrate the ability to trim a suitable model glider to perform a straight glide, stall and specified turn.
  7. Choose one of the following two activities:
    1. Know the rules in Policy, Organisation and Rules relating to flying, and fly in a light aircraft or glider as a passenger.
    2. Organise a visit to an airfield or place of aviation history for a group of Scouts. Explain to the assessor what they would need to tell the Scouts before the visit.
  8. From the list of aviation skills training activities, complete another six items, taken from at least four different sections.