SCOUTS - Be Prepared


The Scout must complete the following:
  1. Choose one of the following three activities:
    1. Type 200 words using a word processor or desktop publisher, ensuring that there are no mistakes before printing it out.
    2. Use a typewriter to type 200 words, with not more than ten mistakes.
    3. Write, with a good legible hand, 100 words of prose.
  2. Show a general knowledge of the administrative arrangements of a Scout Group. This might include the key roles and responsibilities of the Group Scout Leader, the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer of the Group Executive Committee.
  3. Know how a personal bank account operates.
  4. Write a letter on a subject after consultation with the assessor and send it to the assessor using mail, email or fax.
  5. Draft a wording for an invitation card addressed to members of the public about a Group, Troop or Patrol event.
  6. Choose one of the following two activities:
    1. Prepare a press release for a Group, Troop or Patrol event.
    2. Write an article for a magazine or newsletter, reporting a Group, Troop or Patrol event.
  7. Carry out the duties of the Secretary of a committee (this could, for example, be a Troop Forum, school club or council). These duties should include the recording of minutes and action points during the meeting, and the distribution of the minutes after the meeting.