SCOUTS - Be Prepared


This Way Sign

Make sure the arrow is clearly marked. You can use stones instead by placing a large stone with a small one on top, and then another small stone pointing in the direction of travel. You could use long grass by tying it in a knot and bending it into the direction of the trail. You could use a twig placed through a leaf on a tree pointing in the correct direction or even a simple stick to mark an arrow in the mud or ground.

No Entry or Danger

A simple cross tells people to not follow that direction or to warn them of a dangerous area. Make sure the cross is clearly marked and can be easily seen. 

Turn Left or Turn Right

Very similar to the simple ‘This Way’ arrow. Make sure you have a clear bend in your arrow. Water Ahead The wavy lines represent waves on water. You must have a nice clear arrow showing which way the water is. Include at least three lines of waves so it is clear what the sign is supposed to be. 

Obstacle Ahead

All you need is two lines with a line lying across them. You could even have a separate arrow (in this picture the arrow itself lays across the ‘obstacle’). Again, make sure the arrow is clearly marked and the direction of the trail is obvious.

Split Group


- 2 went left, 4 went right This sign will tell people following the trail that the group has split up. Begin an arrow and have it split into two directions, each with their own arrowhead. At the top of each arrowhead mark how many people went in that direction (it is probably better to use sticks as a ‘tally’ mark rather than trying to draw a number) 

Message 4 paces this way

This sign will point the way to a hidden message. Mark out a box and place an arrow pointing in the direction of the message. Inside the box you mark how many paces (normal walking steps) you must walk in that direction to find the message. Gone Home This is a very important sign. This should always be the last sign you place as it signals that the trail has finished and you have to return home. It is a simple circle with a single marker in the centre.


Gone Home

Once you see this sign you have finished!