SCOUTS - Be Prepared

Water Activities

To atain the Water Activities badge, the Explorer Scout must complete the following:

Alternative A

- Canoeing - Qualify for the British Canoe Union Three Star Award.

Alternative B

- Power boating

- Qualify for the Royal Yachting Association's National Powerboat Certificate 2

- Take charge of a small crew and prepare the boat for service, including the provision of all equipment. Supervise checking the engine, fuel and pump, and then:

a) Show that they can operate the correct towing procedure, including disposition of crew, and that they are familiar with the use of the kedge anchor in an emergency.

b ) With minimum assistance, cast off with the tide or current ahead using the spring method. Steer a compass course as set by the examiner, and anchor correctly. Recover the ground tackle, get under way and return alongside against the tide or current without using reverse gear. Moor with spring and headrope.

c) Respond to a 'distress' signal, take charge of the crew, cast off with the tide or current astern, using the spring and headrope method and proceed to a 'stranded craft', which will be aground in confined waters. Approach across the tide or current and take aboard a 'survivor'. Manoeuvre clear, using reverse gear, and proceed to pick up a 'body', which will not be an actual person from the water. Bring the boat alongside with the tide or current, using reverse gear and giving appropriate orders to crew, and make fast. Supervise preparations necessary to disembark the 'casualty'.

Alternative C

- Narrow boating

- Qualify for the Royal Yachting Association's Inland Water Helmsman Certificate.

Alternative D

- Sailing - Qualify for the Royal Yachting Association's old adult level 3, now Dinghy Seamanship Skills or Young Sailing Scheme

- Advanced Red badge