SCOUTS - Be Prepared

Scouting Skills

To atain the Scouting Skills badge, the Explorer Scout must complete the following:

- As a Scout, have camped under canvas for a total of 20 nights or more.

- Take the role of Camp Leader for a camp of a weekend or longer that involves at least eight people. During the camp they should:

a) discuss all aspects of the camp with their Leader before the start of the event

b) manage the budget for the camp

c) choose the campsite

d) make sure all necessary equipment is organised

e) plan a menu and organise the shopping

f) organise the pitching of the campsite

g) make sure that camp hygiene standards are met

h) make sure that all equipment is stored correctly during the camp i) during the camp build a pioneering project, for example a flagpole or a gateway.

j) plan a cooking and cleaning rota. You should cook at least one of the meals yourself.

k) organise the striking of camp and make sure the site is left as they would wish to find it.

l) make sure that all equipment is stored correctly at the end of the camp


Single Explorer Scouts are not expected to plan and run the Camp programme. They can complete the above with a friend.