SCOUTS - Be Prepared

Aviation Skills

To atain the Aviation Skills badge, the Explorer Scout must complete the following:

- Know the rules relating to access to airfields and flying as laid down in Policy, Organisation and Rules. Draw a map or make a model of an airfield naming the different areas.

- List the main types of aircraft and identify the parts of an aeroplane. Explain how the control surfaces work and are controlled.

- Identify 12 aircraft in common use today either from pictures or in flight. This must include at least two civil commercial aircraft, two military aircraft and two private light aircraft.

- Know the types of air maps and the conventional signs used on them.

- Explain how wind speed and direction are measured and how weather can affect various air activities. Demonstrate how to get a local forecast for an air activity.

- Recite the phonetic alphabet and explain why it is used.

- Take part in an air experience flight and point out on an air map the features that are overflown. The flight can take place in any aircraft, including powered aircraft, glider, balloon or airship.

- From the list of training activities complete a further six items from at least four different sections.