SCOUTS - Be Prepared

Advanced Nautical Skills

To atain the Advanced Nautical Skills badge, the Explorer Scout must complete the following:

1. Hold the Advanced Nautical Skills Badge from the Scout Section or the Explorer Scout Nautical Skills Badge.

2. Pass a message to another boat or ashore by visual or radio signal, using the correct procedures. - Demonstrate a good working knowledge of charts including projection, datum and symbols used.

3. Know the activity rules for expeditions as laid down in Policy, Organisation and Rules.

4. With at least three friends, take charge of an expedition on the water lasting two days and one night. At least 12 hours of the expedition is to be spent under way.

5. Achieve one of the following:

a) Gain the RYA Competent Crew Award or have logged seven days as a useful member of an offshore sail or power cruising vessel. b) Gain the Advanced Pulling Coxswain Award.

c) Hold the old RYA Level 3 in Dinghy Sailing, Dinghy Seamanship Skills, or Young Sailing scheme - Advanced red, or demonstrate skills to an equivalent level of skill.

d) Gain the RYA Level 2 in Powerboating.

6. Complete the following:

a) One further item from the Practical Skills section in the Training Options list, making sure that at least two different water disciplines have been covered from the Nautical Skills Training Options.

b) Four further items from the remaining seven sections. They should not use more than one item from each section.

7. Keep a log of water activities undertaken.