SCOUTS - Be Prepared

Advanced Aviation Skills

To atain the Advanced Aviation Skills badge, the Explorer Scout must complete the following:

Hold the Advanced Aviation Skills Badge from the Scout Section or the Explorer Scout Aviation Skills Badge.

- Choose one of the following two activities:

a) Organise a visit to an airfield and arrange a suitable programme for a group of Scouts, including the necessary briefings.

b) Either make a video film or take a set of slides on an aviation subject and use it to give a presentation to a group of Scouts.

- Choose one of the following two activities:

a) Help a light aircraft pilot in his duties before and after a flight, for example, moving the aircraft, strapping in, starting up and picketing.

b) Help a glider pilot with ground handling and launching his aircraft, and be able to assist after a field landing.

- Plan a journey to a destination on the other side of the world of at least three sectors, giving airline, date and time of departure and arrival, and details of stops en route. Times should be in local times and Universal Time. Calculate flying and elapsed times.

- Explain the workings and errors of aircraft compass and pressure instruments, for example, altimeter and air speed indicator.

- Choose one of the following two activities:

a) Explain the principles of a centrifugal or axial compressor jet engine and identify the main components of such an engine.

b) Discuss the relative merits of piston engines, turbojets, turboprops, turbofans, ramjets and rockets.

- Explain the system of controlled airspace and the air traffic control organisation in the United Kingdom and European Union countries.

- From the list of training activities complete a further six items from at least four different sections.