SCOUTS - Be Prepared

Global Challenge

To atain the global challenge badge, the Cub Scout must complete the following:

The cub scout must complete three of the following

1. Find out about things that can be recycled. Over a period of four weeks show how they have recycled some things in their home.

2. Find out about the work of an international charity that helps around the world, for example, OXFAM, UNICEF. Present their findings to the rest of the Pack.

3. Find out about the traditions, culture, food, sport and other interesting things of a country different from their own.

4. Run a campaign over a month to encourage people to conserve energy or water.

5. Find out about an aspect of international Scouting. They could take part in a 'Join In Jamboree' activity, or arrange a visit from a Jamboree participant. Or, they could find out about Scouting in a country of their choice