SCOUTS - Be Prepared

Caring Challenge

To atain the Caringchallenge badge, the Cub Scout must complete the following:

The cub scout must complete three of the following

1. Plan a Pack night for other Cub Scouts about healthy living. 2. Organise in a fund-raising evening/event for a charity of their choice.

3. Over a period of two months take good care of a pet. Make a record of how they have cared for their pet, for example, food, exercise, cleaning/grooming.

4. Find out about a place of worship in their local community. This could be different to their own. Find out what happens there and tell other Cub Scouts about it.

5. Find out about the people who help the local community, for example, Police, Fire service, Lifeboats. Explain to others what they have learned and how we can help them to do their job. They could arrange a visit, put on a display, make posters or put on a play to share the message.

6. Find out what hazards there could be in the home or meeting hall or on a campsite. Help other Cub Scouts to be aware of any dangers.