SCOUTS - Be Prepared

Personal Saftey

To atain the Personal Saftey badge, the Cub Scout must complete the following:

1. Explain the dangers of playing on or near to of the following: Railways, busy roads, building sites, cliffs, canal banks, sand/gravel pits, farmyards, river banks, quarries.

2. Take part in a fire drill. Know what precautions to take to protect their homes, Scout meeting place, pack camp and pack holiday against the risk of fire.Explain the importance of the smoke detector.Know what they would do in the event of a fire in their home.

3. Show they can use at least one of the following codes: Green Cross code, water safety code, bathing code, fireworks code etc. Make up a safety code of their own choice, e.g. car passenger, train passenger, and playground.

4.Know how to use a public telephone and how to make an emergency phone call, including using a mobile telephone.

5. Explain what they must do if a stranger starts to talk to them and what they must tell their parents/carers, if they are going out without them.

6. Know some of the dangers they may find when visiting one of the following: seaside, large town, countryside, mountainous area, Lakeland or moorland.