SCOUTS - Be Prepared


To atain the Navigator badge, the Cub Scout must complete the following:

1. The with other cub scouts, go for a walk with their leader(s) around the local area. Take it in turns to use one or more of the following methods of navigation: - Written instructions - Taped instructions - Road signs - Tracking signs - Maps

2. Find a number of routes between two given places. Choose the most practical and safe route for a visually impaired or physically handicapped person. Explain their choice and tell their leader what could be done to make the route safer.

3. By drawing a simple map, direct someone from their meeting place to a local railway station, bus stop, hospital, Doctor, Post Office, etc.

4. Using a local street map, find certain roads and places of interest as requested by a leader.

5. Help plan, will take part in, a treasure hunt using close, directions and signs to reach a secret destination.