SCOUTS - Be Prepared

Local Knowlage

To atain the Local Knowlage badge, the Cub Scout must complete the following:

Three of the following must be completed

1. Complete one of the following: - Find out about someone who lived in all near where they live who was or is famous. - Visit and find out about a famous old building, monument, earthworks or other place of historical interest. Discuss what they have found out with their leader or other cub scouts.

2. Find out the meaning of, and collect pictures of, either in their county, Borough, district, town or village coat of arms. Tell a leader in how many different places they have seen the coat of arms displayed.

3. Talk to someone who has lived in their area for a long time. Find out about what they did when they were young and what changes they have seen in their area over the past years.

4. Draw a map of their area and mark on it places of interest for visitors.

5. With other cub scouts, go on a short walk in their local area. Point out to the leader(s) any features of interest.

6. Visit a local and emergency service station such as police, fire, ambulance services, Coastguard or mountain rescue. Find out how the station is run.

7. Mark on a map chart the services and organisations that help the community, such as, Doctor, age concern, fire or police station, meals on wheels. etc.