SCOUTS - Be Prepared

Globol Conservation

To atain the Global Conservation badge, the Cub Scout must complete the following:

The cubs scout must carry out these projects as a member of a group of cubs Scouts and not alone. The group may be a six or other small group.

1. While they are working on this bandage with their group: - f ind something examples showing how people have damaged the environment and other examples showing how people have conserved the environment - find examples of where fencing to country code is being broken and what has happened as a result

2. Take part as a group in two projects, such as: - clearing a ditch, pond or creak - making, setting up and maintaining a bird feeder, bird table, bird nesting box or bird bath - l ooking after a piece of land or a garden - tidying up a piece of wasteland - taking part in an anti-litter campaign - planting and tree or shrub - looking after a compost bin

3. Choose one from the following:

- make a display to inform others about an animal, bird, plant, fish, etc.. Which is in danger of extinction

- organisers a `save it`campaign to encourage others to conserve energy, e.g. home installation, fuel efficient engines, etc.

- take part in or start a recycling scheme, e.g. bottles, cans, waste paper

- visit a forest, wood or campsite and take part in a project on tree conservation. With expert help, find out how trees can be cared for.