SCOUTS - Be Prepared

Emergancy Aid

To atain the Emergancy Aid badge, the Cub Scout must complete the following:

1. Know the emergency procedure for helping someone who is hurt: - Assessing dangers - Making the area safe - Using any necessary life saving techniques - Getting help

2. Know how to make a`999`call from a home telephone and a mobile telephone.

3. Show how to help a casualty who: - Has an asthma attack - Is choking - Has eaten or drunk something poisonous.

4. Show how to put a patient in the recovery position and describe when it is necessary to use it.

5. Show how to treat a minor cuts, how to deal with severe bleeding and how to recognise shock.

6. Show how to deal with fractures, including treatment using a triangular bandage.

7. Show how to deal with Burns and scalds. 8. Know the DRABC (danger, response, airway, breathing, circulation) sequence and how to carry out the stages.