SCOUTS - Be Prepared


To atain the Cyclist badge, the Cub Scout must complete the following:

1. Own or have regular use of a bicycle of a suitable size and a cycle helmet.

2. Be able to mount and dismount properly.

3. Understand the need for keeping the bicycle in a roadworthy condition, and how to do this.

4. B e able to clean and oil a bicycle. Show how to pump up the tyres and how to mend a puncture.

5. Understand the need for keeping a bicycle locked when leaving it unattended.

6. Show knowledge of the rules and signals for cyclists as set out in the Highway Code.

7. Understand the need for lights and reflective clothing. Discuss with their leader or other cub scouts and safety measures necessary for riding in poor conditions.

8. Under observation, in a safe place, go for a short ride to show that they can ride safely and confidently.