SCOUTS - Be Prepared


To atain the Communication badge, the Cub Scout must complete the following:

1. Choose any three of the following activities:

- Make a verbal, taped or newsletter report of a local event either past or present.

- Make and maintain a link with another Cub Scout pack using tapes, videos, letters, e-mail etc. For an agreed period.

- Find out how people with visual or hearing difficulty communicate (e.g. braille, makaton), and be able to say `hello, how are you? ` appropriately. What aids are available to help these people overcome their difficulties, e.g. talking books?

- Tell a story about an experience they have shared with their leaders and other Cub Scout is. Make sure that they speak clearly and those listening our following the story.

- Hold a simple conversation in another language. - Right and decipher three simple messages using codes, ciphers or invisible ink. - Memorise a short message and re-tell it 15 minutes later.

- Pass a message to someone using amateur radio.

2. Show how to use a public telephone, and if possible use a phone card.

3. Describe how to make an emergency call, and what they would need to tell the emergency operator.

4. Receive directions or instructions and to do something. Check with the information giver that they have understood and then follow the directions or instructions.

5. Arrange for someone that they know to give them and call. Take down the message making sure they have all the relevant details.

6. Find out about and show that they can use at least three of the following: facts (facsimile) machine, answering machine, mobile phone, e-mail, text messages, pager or voicemail.