SCOUTS - Be Prepared


To atain the Campers badge, the Cub Scout must complete the following:

1. With other Cub Scouts, camp under campus for at least three nights (not necessarily on the same occasion).

2. Help pack their kit for a Cub Scout camp.

3. Help to pitch and strike a tent and show how take care of it.

4. At camp, helped to prepare, Cook, served and clear away a simple meal, - if possible out of doors.

5. Know how to look after themselves and be safe at camp. Know how to prepare for tent and kit inspection.

6. Take part in at least three following activities while at camp:

a) Campfire

b) Scouts’ Own

c) Wide game

d) Joint activity with other cub Scouts on-site or from a local group.

e) A good turn for the site

f) Help to tidy up the campsite before they leave