SCOUTS - Be Prepared


To atain the Art badge, the Cub Scout must complete the following:

Complete three of the activities below one of which in the presence of a leader

1. Draw with a pencil, brush, pen or crayon a picture of any imaginary incident, character or scene.

2. Designed and make a greetings card.

3. Make a poster advertising cub scouting or a Cub Scout event.

4. Make a design and print it on paper or fabric, e.g. using potato or lino cuts.

5. Designed and make a decorated book cover.

6. Draw or paint a picture from still life or a landscape.

7. Make a display of photographs on a subject that interests them.

8. Make a video on a subject that interest them.

9. Design and build a model.

10. Visit an Art Gallery

11. Make a model out of clay and fire it in a kiln, if appropriate.