SCOUTS - Be Prepared

Air Activities

To atain the Air Activities badge, the Cub Scout must complete the following:

1. Know the dangers involved in visiting an airfield.

2. Visit and aerodrome, air display or air museum.

3. Choose three activities from the list below:

a) Make and fly one of the following: a model aeroplane, three different times of paper glider, a hot air balloon, or a kite.

b) Identify six airlines and their nationalities from their markings.

c) Name and identify the main parts of an aeroplane.

d) Assemble a plastic scale model aeroplane to a reasonable standard.

e) Name and identify the different types of aircraft (powered aeroplanes, airships, gliders etc.)

f) Fly in an aircraft and share their experience with the pack.

g) Explain how different whether conditions can affect air activities.

h) Collect and identify six different pictures of aircraft and share them with other cub Scouts.