SCOUTS - Be Prepared

Stage Two

To atain the ICT Stage Twobadge, the Beaver Scout must complete the following

1. Produce a list of rules for using the Internet safely.

2. Show that they know what the following terms mean: Modem Search Engine Clipart Menu Browser Digital Camera Scanner

3. Show that they can save a file to a disc (fixed or movable) and open that file at a later date.

4. Choose four additional activities out of the following: Access the Internet safely, to find out as much as they can about topic of their choice. Use a digital camera to take some digital photographs and use a piece of software to enhance or alter the original photograph. Use a piece of software of their choice to produce a set of matching stationery for an event, e.g. birthday – place cards, invitations, posters etc. Use a piece of simulation software and explain what they learnt from it. Produce a series of newsletters for their section over a three-month period. Produce a simple pictogram or graph of something of interest to them all their section.