SCOUTS - Be Prepared

Stage Four

To atain the ICT Stage Fourbadge, the Beaver Scout must complete the following

1. Explain to the assessor the laws which concern the copying of software, access to computing systems and storage of personal information.

2. Create a simple web site for the section.

3. Explain how an IT system is used by a major user, e.g. a supermarket chain or a bank.

4. Show that they have use IT in their daily life over a period of six months, e.g. e-mail, weather forecasts etc.

5. Explain the following terminology: Macros Web publishing videoconferencing multi-tasking drag and drop

6. Choose to additional activities out of the following: Evaluate a range of professional web sites. Produce a range of information literature on an agreed theme, e.g. "how to be more environmentally friendly" - leaflets, posters, flyers etc. Produce the complex database For a Specific purpose. Take part in a video conference with a scout from another part of the world. Demonstrate that ability to use a control programme, e.g. Lego Dacta, LOGO beyond the basic standard.