SCOUTS - Be Prepared

Outdoor Challenge

To atain the Outdoorchallenge badge, the Beaver Scout must complete the following:

The Beaver scout must complete six activities chosing at least one from each section

1. Scoutcraft, Beaver Scouts could:

Trekking and trailing

- follow trails using icing sugar, string, smells, sawdust, sticks, lights, codes etc.

-go on a treasure hunt, or a "stop, look and listen" ramble

-mark their own trail using a code they have made themselves.

Ready to go

- invite a Scout or Explorer Scout to show the Colony how they would pack their rucksack for camp

- what they would take and why

- put up a tent with a Scout

- visit the Scouts at camp or the Cub Scouts on Pack holiday.

- attend a Sleepover.


- pack a balanced, healthy lunch box for an outing

- make shapes out of cold foods (dough, marzipan etc.)

- decorate cakes and biscuits.

2. An environmental activity

- Find out about the Country Code.

- Plant trees or flowers for the enjoyment of others.

- Recycle cans, bottles or paper and visit a recycling plant.

- Go on a litter pick.

3. Visits - a zoo - a theme park/activity park - a railway model/miniature railway - a sports centre - a Police Station - a country park - a recycling depot - a Mosque - an old people's home - a Post Office - a beach/seaside - a race circuit - a Scout District/County Area event - a Lifeboat Station.